Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Keynote: Apache Beam: Past, present and future
Kenneth Knowles
Keynote: The state of Apache Beam
Griselda Cuevas, Maximilian Michels & Ismael Mejía
Streaming, fast and slow
Caito Scherr
From pipeline to execution: What happens when you run() your pipeline?
Maximilian Michels
MLOps with TensorFlow Extended and Apache Beam
Hannes Hapke
Workshop: First steps with Apache Beam - Writing portable pipelines using Java, Python, Go, Kotlin
Austin Bennett
Mining scientific literature with Apache Beam
Christian Battista
The nitty-gritty of moving data with Beam
Jeff Klukas
Workshop: Building big data pipelines for deep learning
Jenny Lu
Keynote: The state & future plans for the Apache Beam community in a remote world
Matthias Baetens
Beam schema options
Alex Van Boxel
Building stateful streaming pipelines with Beam
Ankit Jhalaria
Wiggly air and data processing at Spotify
Lynn Root
Understanding exactly-once processing and windowing in streaming pipelines
Israel Herraiz
Workshop: Implement a streaming data pipeline with Google Cloud Dataflow
Reza Rokni, David Sabater Dinter & Wei Hsia
Creating art with Bigtable's monitoring tools
Billy Jacobson
Replacing Your Database with Beam Pipelines
Vinay Mayar
Workshop: Using Conda on Apache beam - there is nothing your cant do with your workers
Eila Arich-Landkof
Keynote: State of the Go SDK
Robert Burke
API Sink Connector: A Configurable Beam Pipeline for Connecting to Third-Party Data Stores
John Stimac
Continuous retraining with TFX and Beam
Reza Rokni & Robert Crowe
Using Open Source Tech to Swap Out Components of Your Data Pipeline
Rustam Mehmandarov
Four Apache Technologies Combined for Fun and Profit
Tobias Kaymak
Workshop: Build a Unified Batch and Stream Processing Pipeline with Apache Beam on AWS
Steffen Hausmann, Karthi Thyagarajan & Rajan Patel
Office hours: Java SDK, Go, Spark, Flink
Kenneth Knowles, Robert Burke, Kyle Weaver, Ankur Goenka & Maximilian Michels
Using Apache Beam to process CDC Streams
Pablo Estrada & Dylan Hercher
Live demo: An Interactive Introduction to Apache Beam
Ning Kang & Sam Rohde
Simpler Python Pipelines with Schemas, SQL, and Dataframes
Brian Hulette & Robert Bradshaw
PyFlink on Beam: How does it actually work?
Jincheng Sun
Dataflow Flex Templates
Sameer Farooqui & Prathap Reddy
Sharing good practices for an end-to-end Beam pipeline
Pablo Estrada & Reza Rokni
Beam visual pipeline development with Hop
Matt Casters
DBeam: exporting SQL tables into Avro records using Beam SDK
Luis Armando Bianchin
Office hours: Python SDK, Ease of use, Beam model, Beam connectors
Alex Amato, Daniel Mills, Pablo Estrada, Robert Bradshaw & Chamikara Jayalath
Event-driven Movie Magic
Chad Dombrova
Scaling Python Portable Pipelines in Linkedin
Daniel Chen
Workshop: Writing custom components for TensorFlow Extended with Apache Beam
Hannes Hapke
Beam and Geocoding
Mohammad Aimaduddin Atiq bin Kamisan
From Apache Beam to Leukemia early detection
Eila Arich-Landkof
Using the Mm FLaNK Stack for Edge AI (Flink, NiFi, Kafka, Kudu)
Timothy Spann
Using Cross-Language pipeline to run Python 3 code with Java SDK
Alexey Romanenko
Snorkel Beambell - Real-time Weak Supervision on Apache Beam
Suneel Marthi
Tutorial: Splittable DoFns in the Go SDK
Daniel Oliveira
Count-distinct using HLL++ algorithm
Robin Qiu
Feature Powered by Apache Beam - Beyond Lambda
Kobe Feng
NEXMark-Beam: Your best companion for testing and benchmarking new core stream processing libraries
Muhammad Haseeb Asif & Sruthi Sree Kumar
Closing remarks and giveaways
Griselda Cuevas, Matthias Baetens, Maximilian Michels & Austin Bennett