CI CD for Dataflow with Flex Templates and Cloud Build

Jun-14 15:00-15:50 UTC
Room: Palisades

The goal of this talk is showing a full example with a CI CD pipeline for Dataflow jobs.

The jobs will be based on Flex Template that is a way to standardize the deployment of Dataflow jobs and we are going to show a full example with Java and Python SDKs.

The CI CD will be orchestrated with Cloud Build based on a Github repository :

  • Launch unit tests on push to the Github repository
  • Manual job to deploy the Dataflow job with Flex Template
  • Manual job to run the Dataflow job and template

In an extra and optional part, we will show the Dataflow Flex Template deployment with Dagger IO and Go.

Dagger is a tool that allows to write CI CD Pipeline As Code.