Beam Playground: discover, learn and prototype with Apache Beam

Jul-20 11:00-11:10 UTC
Room: 201 (remote)

The talk will be aimed at presenting Apache Beam discovery and learning through Beam Playground, proof of concept and contributing paths to those who are looking to learn, use and develop Apache Beam.

The planned structure of the talk will be:

  1. Discovery and learning experience. I would like to go through the Apache Beam Playground to show how to use it and how Apache Beam code can be executed without the need to install Beam SDK. It will also include the showing of different completed examples that can be run, choosing SDK for an example, and what a user can expect as the output of the execution: result output, logs, execution graph.
  2. Local prototyping and development experience. How to run Apache Beam pipeline in local environment as a user, how to setup local Apache Beam developer environment using Docker.
  3. Contributor experience. Here I would like to show how users can contribute to Beam Playground by adding a new example to the set of Playground examples. The following steps here will be: Registration as Apache Beam contributor; Adding a new example to Beam repository marked with a special tag for Beam’s Playground; Creating a PR for the Playground example and validating the PR; Review and merging PR; Running the new example in Beam Playground