Meet our speakers from previous editions of Beam Summit.

Adam Najman

Software Engineer at BlueVoyant

Ahmed Abualsaud

Software Engineer at Google

Alex Amato

Software Engineer at Google

Alex Chan

Trustpilot, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Alex Fragotsis

Data Engineer at League Inc.

Alex Kosolapov

TPM, Akvelon

Alex Van Boxel

Alex Van Boxel, Principal Architect at Collibra

Alexander Chermenin

Data Engineer, Wrike

Alexander Falca

Adobe, Project Lead

Alexander Lerma

MLOps Engineer @MavenCode

Alexey Romanenko

Principal Software Engineer in Talend

Alfredo Gimenez

Data Engineering Manager at BlueVoyant

Amar Surjit

Amazon AWS, Sr. Solution Architect

Amruta Deshmukh

Senior Software Engineer at Strivr

Anand Inguva

Google, Software Engineer

Andrew Pilloud

Apache Beam Committer, Software Engineer at Google

Andy Ye

Software Engineer at Google

Angus Neilson

Trustpilot, Senior Data Engineer

Ankit Jhalaria

Principal Software Engineer - GoDaddy

Ankur Goenka

Software Engineer at Google

Annica Ivert

Data Engineer @ Spotify

Anthony Lazzaro

Data Engineer at Google

Antonio Si

Intuit Staff Software Engineer

Aris Vlasakakis

Machine Learning Engineer

Austin Bennett


Bhupinder Sindhwani

Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Billy Jacobson

Google Developer Relations Engineer

Bingfeng Xia

Engineering Manager

Bipin Upadhyaya

Strategic Cloud Engineer

Brian Hulette

Software Engineer at Google, Apache Beam Committer

Brittany Hermann

Program Manager at Adecco

Caito Scherr

Data Analytics, Stream Processing, and Terrible Puns

Chad Dombrova

Head of Software at Luma Pictures

Chamikara Jayalath

Senior Software Engineer, Google LLC

Chandan Prasad

Sr. SDE @ Amazon

Charles Adetiloye

MLOps Engineer @MavenCode

Christian Battista

Senior Data Engineer at BenchSci

Claire McGinty

Data Engineer @ Spotify

Constantin Scacun

Senior Software Engineer at Adobe

Dan H

Principal Engineer at Oden Technologies

Daniel Chen

Software Engineer at Linkedin

Daniel Mills

Software Engineer at Google

Daniel Oliveira

Software Engineer at Google, and Go SDK Dev

Daniel Tyreus

Head of Engineering, Cambrian Asset Management

Danielle Syse

Program Manager at Google Cloud

Danny McCormick

Software Engineer @ Google

Daria Malkova

Senior Software Engineer at Akvelon

David Cavazos

Data Analytics & Machine Learning at Google

David Sabater Dinter

EMEA Solutions Lead for Streaming Analytics at Google

David Shao

LinkedIn, Senior Software Engineer in Machine Learning Infrastructure

Debasish Das

Sr Manager, Machine Learning, Credit Karma

Deexith Reddy

Data Engineer

Devon Peticolas

Principal Engineer at Oden Technologies

Dong Sun

Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google Cloud

Dunja Panic

Product Manager, Intuit - AI+Data

Dylan Hercher

Google SCE

Eila Arich-Landkof

Founder & CEO at Oriel Research Therapeutics

Elena Cuevas

Senior Partner Solutions Engineer at Confluent

Elizaveta Lomteva

Tech Lead, Akvelon

Federico Patota

Sr. Cloud Consultant @ Google Cloud

Ferran Fernandez

Data Engineering Manager @ Chartboost

Florian Bastin

Data Engineer at Octo Technology

Gandhi Swaminathan

Senior Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Griselda Cuevas

VP Diversity & Inclusion @ Apache Software Foundation | Product Manager Dataflow @ Google

Haikuo Liu

Google, Software Engineer

Hannes Hapke

Machine Learning Engineer at Digits Financial, Inc.

Hao Xu

Affirm Senior Software Engineer

Harish Nagu Sana

Intuit, Senior Software engineer

Ifat Afek

Senior Software Engineer at Nokia

Ikenna Okolo

Technical Solutions Engineer at Google

Iñigo San Jose Visiers

Google, Software Engineer

Ismael Mejía

Software Engineer

Israel Herraiz

Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud

Jack McCluskey

Software Engineer @ Google

Jan Lukavský

Freelance data engineer, Apache Beam committer

Jasper Van den Bossche

Software Engineer at ML6

Javier Ramirez

Developer Advocate at QuestDB

Jeff Klukas

Data Engineer at Mozilla

Jenny Lu

Data Science Manager @ FLYR

Jérémie Gomez

Data Cloud Consultant @ Google

Jeswanth Yadagani

ML Engineer at Oden Technologies

Jiajun Yao

Anyscale Software Engineer

Jincheng Sun

ASF Member, Flink PMC, Beam Committer and Staff Engineer at Alibaba

Jo Pu

Data Engineer at Digits Financial, Inc.

John Casey

Software Engineer at Google, Apache Beam Committer

John Stimac

Software Engineer at Yelp

Kamaljeet Singh

Lead Architect - Wipro

Karthi Thyagarajan

Streaming Solutions Architect @ AWS

Kellen Dye

Senior Data Engineer at Spotify

Kenn Knowles

ASF member & Chair of Apache Beam PMC

Kenneth Knowles

Apache Beam PMC Chair

Kerry Donny-Clark

Eng manager for Beam at Google

Kobe Feng

Software Engineer

Konstantin Buschmeier

Machine Learning Engineer at ML6

Lak Lakshmanan

Operating Executive at Silver Lake

Le Chang

Sr Software Engineer at Google

Leo Babonnaud

Data Engineer at Octo Technology

Lior Dadosh

Senior Software Engineer @ Cortex Xpanse, Palo Alto Networks

Lohit Vijayarenu

Software Engineer at Twitter

Lorenzo Caggioni

Google, PSO Strategic Cloud Engineer

Luis Armando Bianchin

Software Engineer at Spotify

Lydian Lee

Affirm Streaming Infra Team Staff Engineer

Lynn Root

Staff Engineer at Spotify

Marco Robles

Software Engineer at Wizeline

Mariann Nagy

Sr UX Researcher, Google

Matt Casters

Neo4j Chief Solutions Architect, Hop project lead and Kettle project founder

Matthew Housley

CTO at Ternary Data, coauthor of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Maximilian Michels

Software Engineer @ Lyft, ASF Beam PMC Member

Mazlum Tosun

Head of Data and Cloud at GroupBees

Mehak Gupta

Cloud Technical Solution Engineer

Michel Davit

Data Engineer @ Spotify

Mirac Vuslat Basaran

Google, Software Engineer

Miren Esnaola

Google, Cloud Consultant

Mohammad Aimaduddin Atiq bin Kamisan

Data Engineer at GOGA Data Analysis and Consulting

Muhammad Haseeb Asif

Researcher at RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Nagaraja Tantry

Principal Engineer at Intuit

Nancy Xu

SWE at Google

Navin Viswanath

Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

Nick Hwang

Engineering Manager, Stream Processing Platform

Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury

NLP Engineer @ Carted

Ning Kang

Google Cloud Software Engineer

Olusayo Olumayode Akinlaja

DoiT Data Engineer

Omkar Deshpande

Software Engineer at Intuit

Pablo Estrada

Software Engineer at Google. PMC member, Apache Beam.

Parag Ghosh

Data Architect

Patrick Ames

Sr. SDE @ Amazon

Paul Balm

Strategic Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud

Peter Coyle

Head of Risk Technology Engineering Excellence , HSBC

Piaw Na

Senior Staff Software Engineer, Niantic Labs

Pragalbh Srivastava

Sr. Manager at Wayfair

Pramod Rao

Google Professional Services

Pranav Bhandari

Software Engineer, Google

Prateek Maheshwari

Stream Processing at LinkedIn

Prateek Sheel

Data Consultant, Google Cloud Professional Services

Prathap Reddy

Staff Data Engineer @ Google

Praveen Killamsetti

Staff Engineer at Twitter

Prema devi Kuppuswamy

Intuit, Senior Software Engineer

Ragy Abraham

Co-Founder and CTO at Monita

Raj Katakam

Senior ML Engineer at Credit Karma

Raj Subramani


Rajan Patel

Solutions Architect at AWS

Ramtin Rassoli

MLOps Engineer, BenchSci

Reuven Lax

Principal Engineer at Google

Reza Rokni

Dev advocate Google Dataflow

Rickard Zwahlen

Data Engineer at Spotify

Rishabh Kedia

Senior Staff Software Engineer at at Palo Alto Networks

Ritesh Ghorse

Apache Beam Committer | Software Engineer @ Google

Robert Bradshaw

Google Cloud

Robert Burke

Distributed Gopher Wrangler

Robert Crowe

TensorFlow Developer Advocate - Google

Robin Qiu

Software Engineer @ Google

Roy Arsan

Solutions Architect @ Google Cloud

Rustam Mehmandarov

Chief Engineer at Computas

Sahil Khandwala

Software Engineer - Data

Sam Rohde

Software Engineer at Google

Sameer Farooqui

Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google

Sami Ahmed

Solutions Engineer at Confluent

Sascha Kerbler

Google, Customer Engineer

Savitha Jayasankar

Software Engineer,Niantic,Inc.

Sayak Paul

Machine Learning Engineer at Carted

Sean Jensen-Grey

Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google

Sergei Lilichenko

Solutions Architect, Google Cloud

Shafiqa Iqbal

Big Data Solutions Engineer

Shailesh Mangal

VP Engineering

Shangjin Zhang

Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn

Sho Nakatani

Principal Researcher, Toyota Motor Corporation

Shubham Krishna

Data-driven solutions for a better tomorrow.

Sigalit Aliazov

Senior Software Engineer at Nokia

Sruthi Sree Kumar

Researcher at RISE Research Institute of Sweden

Steffen Hausmann

Principal Streaming Architect at Amazon Web Services

Subham Rakshit

Specialist Solution Architect, AWS

Suneel Marthi

Member of Apache Software Foundation

Svetak Sundhar

Data Engineer at Google

Talat Uyarer

Senior Principal Software Engineer / Architect at Palo Alto Networks

Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins

Principal Data Engineer, BBC

Thomas Sauvagnat

Data Engineer @ Orange

Timothy Spann

Field Engineer, Data in Motion

Tobias Kaymak

Customer Engineer, Google

Tom Stepp

Software Engineer, Google

Tucker Leavitt

Data Engineer at BlueBoyant

Tyler Flach

Bluevoyant software engineer

Valentyn Tymofieiev

Software Engineer, Google

Vinay Mayar

Senior Software Engineer at Expanse

Vince Gonzalez

Data Engineering Manager at Google Cloud

Vishnu Venkataraman

VP of Data Science and Engineering at Credit Karma

Wei Hsia

Developer Advocate At Google Cloud

Xinyu Liu

Apache Beam Committer | Apache Samza PMC | Sr Staff Engineer at LinkedIn Streaming Infra

Yanan Hao

LinkedIn, Staff Software Engineer in Stream Processing Infrastructure

Yi Hu

Software Engineer at Google

Yuhong Cheng

Software Engineer at Linkedin


Cloud Data Engineer

Zhenzhao Wang

Staff SWE Twitter