Beam at Talend - the long road from incubator project to cloud-based Pipeline Designer tool

Jun-13 11:00-11:25 UTC
Room: Horizon

Talend is one of the first companies that started to use and contribute to Beam, literally from the first days when Beam was accepted as a new project in the ASF incubator.

In this talk, we’ll go through the long journey of using Beam at Talend in various ways, from the first experiments with Beam to one of the core components of our data processing engine. Over the years, Talend’s open source team has helped make it easier to integrate Beam into the company’s products and make Beam better as a project through their many contributions at the same time.

This journey should help the audience to track the key milestones and highlight the evolution of use cases that a mid-sized company might encounter over years of active use and contributions to an open source project.