Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Google's investment on Beam, and internal use of Beam at Google
Kerry Donny-Clark
Machine learning design patterns: between Beam and a hard place
Lak Lakshmanan
Tailoring pipelines at Spotify
Rickard Zwahlen
The adoption, current state and future of Apache Beam at Twitter
Lohit Vijayarenu
RunInference: Machine Learning Inferences in Beam
Andy Ye
Houston, we've got a problem: 6 principles for pipelines design taken from the Apollo missions
Israel Herraiz & Paul Balm
Vega: Scaling MLOps Pipelines at Credit Karma using Apache Beam and Dataflow
Debasish Das, Vishnu Venkataraman & Raj Katakam
Speeding up development with Apache Beam (Adobe Experience Platform)
Constantin Scacun & Alexander Falca
State of the Go SDK 2022
Robert Burke
How the sausage gets made: Dataflow under the covers
Pablo Estrada
Powering Real-time Data at Intuit: A Look at Golden Signals powered by Beam
Omkar Deshpande, Dunja Panic, Nick Hwang & Nagaraja Tantry
How to break Wordle with Beam and BigQuery
Introduction to performance testing in Apache Beam
Alexey Romanenko
BlueVoyant: Detecting Security Dumpster Fires on the Internet
Alfredo Gimenez, Adam Najman, Tucker Leavitt & Tyler Flach
Migration Spark to Apache Beam/Dataflow and hexagonal architecture + DDD
Mazlum Tosun
From script slums to beam skyscrapers
Shailesh Mangal
Data Integration on cloud made easy using Apache Beam
Parag Ghosh
How to benchmark your Beam pipelines for cost optimization and capacity planning
Roy Arsan
Collibra’s Telemetry Backbone - OpenTelemetry and Apache Beam
Alex Van Boxel
Strategies for caching data in Dataflow using Beam SDK
Cloud Spanner change streams and Apache Beam
Haikuo Liu, Nancy Xu & Le Chang
Implementing Cloud Agnostic Machine Learning Workflows with Apache Beam on Kubernetes
Charles Adetiloye & Alexander Lerma
New Avro serialization and deserialization in Beam SQL
Talat Uyarer
Where is Beam leading Data Processing now?
Kenneth Knowles
Palo Alto Networks' massive-scale deployment of Beam
Talat Uyarer
Beam as a High-Performance Compute Grid
Peter Coyle & Raj Subramani
Oops, I wrote a Portable Beam Runner in Go
Robert Burke
Optimizing a Dataflow pipeline for cost efficiency: lessons learned at Orange
Jérémie Gomez & Thomas Sauvagnat
Visually build Beam pipelines using Apache Hop
Matt Casters
Combine by Example - OpenTelemetry Exponential Histogram
Alex Van Boxel
Unified Streaming and Batch Pipelines at LinkedIn using Beam
Shangjin Zhang & Yuhong Cheng
Beam in Production: Working with DataFlow Flex temples and Cloud Build
Ragy Abraham
Log ingestion and data replication at Twitter
Praveen Killamsetti & Zhenzhao Wang
Detecting Change-Points in Real-Time with Apache Beam
Devon Peticolas
Error handling with Apache Beam and Asgarde library
Mazlum Tosun
Relational Beam: Process columns, not rows!
Andrew Pilloud & Brian Hulette
Streaming NLP infrastructure on Dataflow
Alex Chan & Angus Neilson
Use of shared handles for Cache reuse across DoFn’s in Python
Amruta Deshmukh
Writing a native Go streaming pipeline
Danny McCormick & Jack McCluskey
Developing PulsarIO Connector
Marco Robles
Beam data pipelines on microservice architectures
Pragalbh Srivastava
Playing the Long Game - Transforming Ricardo's Data Infrastructure with Apache Beam
Tobias Kaymak
Apache Beam backend for open source Scalding
Navin Viswanath
Online clustering and semantic enrichment of textual data with Apache Beam
Konstantin Buschmeier
Scaling up pandas with the Beam DataFrame API
Brian Hulette
Improving Beam-Dataflow Pipelines for Text Data Processing
Sayak Paul & Nilabhra Roy Chowdhury
Beam Playground: discover, learn and prototype with Apache Beam
Daria Malkova
GCP Beam Common Customer Issues
Svetak Sundhar
The Ray Beam Runner Project: A Vision for Unified Batch, Streaming, and ML
Patrick Ames, Jiajun Yao & Chandan Prasad
Scio in-depth workshop
Michel Davit, Israel Herraiz, Claire McGinty, Kellen Dye & Annica Ivert
Splittable DoFns in Python: a hands-on workshop
Israel Herraiz & Miren Esnaola
Real time liveness status of industrial sensors with Apache Beam on Dataflow runner and Yugabyte
Kamaljeet Singh
Supporting ACID transactions in a NoSQL database with Apache Beam
Jan Lukavský