These sessions were presented in Beam Summit 2023 on June 13-15 in New York City.

Title Speaker(s) Recording Slides
Beam at Talend - the long road from incubator project to cloud-based Pipeline Designer tool
Alexey Romanenko
How to write an IO for Beam
John Casey
Scaling Public Internet Data Collection With Apache Beam
Lior Dadosh
Managed Stream Processing through Apache Beam at LinkedIn
Bingfeng Xia, Prateek Maheshwari & Xinyu Liu
A Beginners Guide to Avro and Beam Schemas Without Smashing Your Keyboard
Devon Peticolas
Beam IO: CDAP and SparkReceiver IO Connectors Overview
Alex Kosolapov & Elizaveta Lomteva
Using Large Language Models in Data Engineering Tasks
Sean Jensen-Grey & Vince Gonzalez
Easy cross-language with SchemaTransforms: use your favorite Java transform in Python SDK
Ahmed Abualsaud
From Dataflow Templates to Beam: Chartboost’s Journey
Austin Bennett & Ferran Fernandez
Cross-language JdbcIO enabled by Beam portable schemas
Yi Hu
Meeting Security Requirements for Apache Beam Pipelines on Google Cloud
Lorenzo Caggioni
Oops I *actually* wrote a Portable Beam Runner in Go
Robert Burke
Simplifying Speech-to-Text Processing with Apache Beam and Redis
Pramod Rao & Prateek Sheel
Developing (experimental) Rust SDKs and a Beam engine for IoT devices
Sho Nakatani
Hot Key Detection and Handling in Apache Beam Pipelines
Shafiqa Iqbal & Ikenna Okolo
Scaling up the OpenTelemetry Collector with Beam Go
Alex Van Boxel
Managing dependencies of Python pipelines
Valentyn Tymofieiev
Troubleshooting Slow Running Beam Pipelines
Mehak Gupta
Unbreakable & Supercharged Beam Apps with Scala + ZIO
Aris Vlasakakis & Sahil Khandwala
Resolving out of memory issues in Beam Pipelines
Beam loves Kotlin: full pipeline with Kotlin and Midgard library
Mazlum Tosun
Benchmarking Beam pipelines on Dataflow
Pranav Bhandari
Community Discussion: Future of Beam
Alex Van Boxel
Founders' Panel
Robert Bradshaw, Kenneth Knowles, Reuven Lax & Federico Patota
Dealing with order in streams using Apache Beam
Israel Herraiz
Running Apache Beam on Kubernetes: A Case Study
Sascha Kerbler
Building Fully Managed Service for Beam Jobs with Flink on Kubernetes
Talat Uyarer & Rishabh Kedia
Getting started with Apache Beam Quest
Svetak Sundhar
Overview of a State Processing Toolkit for Apache Beam
Harish Nagu Sana, Antonio Si & Prema devi Kuppuswamy
Per Entity Training Pipelines in Apache Beam
Jasper Van den Bossche
Running Beam Multi Language Pipeline on Flink Cluster on Kubernetes
Lydian Lee
Too big to fail - a Beam Pattern for enriching a Stream using State and Timers
Tobias Kaymak & Israel Herraiz
Deduplicating and analysing time-series data with Apache Beam and QuestDB
Javier Ramirez
Machine Learning Platform Tooling with Apache Beam on Kubernetes
Charles Adetiloye
How many ways can you skin a cat, if the cat is a problem that needs an ML model to solve?
Kerry Donny-Clark
Design considerations to operate a stateful streaming pipeline as a service
Israel Herraiz & Bhupinder Sindhwani
Large scale data processing Using Apache Beam and TFX libraries
Olusayo Olumayode Akinlaja
Parallelizing Skewed Hbase Regions using Splittable Dofn
Prathap Reddy
Write your own model handler for RunInference!
Ritesh Ghorse
Case study: Using statefulDofns to process late arriving data
Amruta Deshmukh
How to balance power and control when using Dataflow with an OLTP SQL Database
Florian Bastin & Leo Babonnaud
Power Realtime Machine Learning Feature Engineering with Managed Beam at LinkedIn
David Shao & Yanan Hao
Optimizing Machine Learning Workloads on Dataflow
Alex Chan
CI CD for Dataflow with Flex Templates and Cloud Build
Mazlum Tosun
Dataflow Streaming - What's new and what's coming
Iñigo San Jose Visiers & Tom Stepp
ML model updates with side inputs in Dataflow streaming pipelines
Anand Inguva
Loading Geospatial data to Google BigQuery
Dong Sun & Sean Jensen-Grey
Use Apache Beam to build Machine Learning Feature System at Affirm
Hao Xu
Accelerating Machine Learning Predictions with NVIDIA TensorRT and Apache Beam
Shubham Krishna
Beam Lightning Talks
Pablo Estrada
Streamlining Data Engineering and Visualization with Apache Beam and Power BI: A Real-World Case Stu
Deexith Reddy
Workshop: Application Modernization with Kafka and Beam
Sami Ahmed
Workshop: Catch them if you can - Observability and monitoring
Wei Hsia
Workshop: Complex event processing with state & timers
Israel Herraiz & Miren Esnaola
Workshop: Testing Apache Beam Pipelines
Bipin Upadhyaya
Beam in Nokia NWDAF Distributed Architecture
Ifat Afek & Sigalit Aliazov
Beam ML past, present and future
Kerry Donny-Clark & Reza Rokni
Mapping Data to FHIR with Apache Beam
Alex Fragotsis
Introduction to Clustering in Apache Beam
Jasper Van den Bossche
Multi-language pipelines: a unique Beam feature that will make your team more efficient
Chamikara Jayalath
Apache Beam and Ensemble Modeling: A Winning Combination for Machine Learning
Shubham Krishna
How to Fail with Real-time Analytics
Matthew Housley
Workshop: Step by step development of a streaming pipeline in Python
Israel Herraiz & Anthony Lazzaro